Dining experience

Dining experience


At Mount Tabor we believe the dining experience is not just about the food we serve to residents. 

We believe that coming together ‘to break bread’ is not only about eating but about the ambience and atmosphere between residents and staff.  Our aim is to consistently provide restaurant style, five star quality meals. We respect and cater for individual likes/dislikes and specific dietary requirements.  We provide choice at every meal and regularly review our menus to ensure there is variety for our residents. 

We take particular pride in the quality of the ingredients we use and adhere to all governing bodies food standards. 

Birthdays are celebrated with cake and meals for visiting relatives can be accommodated.  Of particular enjoyment to both residents and staff are the special menus we have on our ‘Summer Barbeque’ and ‘Christmas Party’ days.

On these occasions bands and choirs add to the fun atmosphere however, particular care is taken with the music in our every day dining experience. We love to help residents prepare seasonal favourties such as Christmas Puddings and Halloween Pumpkins.